Monday, August 5, 2013

Book Review #1: Shudder By: Samantha Durante

  Hi everybody,
     It's me, your trusty stead of a reviewer here to...well review. This is my first ever book review on my blog and it kicked of with a BANG!  This story made me gasp with joy  (Okay I'm exaggerating a bit still enjoy the picture to the side) We have a book from Samantha Durante a already skyrocketing YA author of the dystopian series Stitch. I'm reviewing the second book in Stitch which is so far fairly interesting. This book started with a shall I saw mysterious plot that kept me intrigued and grappling for more. I needed to know what was going on (because of course I didn't know until I was on the 30th page I started on the second book). Yet the suspense allured me to keep reading even though I didn't know what the heck it was about in the beginning. This story takes place in a dystopia society in the future year of 2114. Humans at the time live a life of "Dramas" kind of like living out a movie or acting out a scene from a play. This indeed is not there real like but they are convinced wholeheartedly it is. Which I found totally creepy imagining living a life that isn't your own and not knowing? Like a never ending dream. Between the humans "Drama" lives, work, and the drugs that the government is pumping into there system they don't seem to know what is real or fake and are missing out on there real problems there society which is ruled by a somewhat (Very what) much inimical government. That's something that would make even Lady Gaga say Yikes!  

    But don't worry people, we have are hero and heroine two teens who are in a romantic relationship (Cue the giggling) The kind that makes you look up form the book; make voice and detail that author gives in this story is enticing it leads me to another word and keeps me there a hard task only great authors can accomplish. These characters pull is in to there horrifying life and gees I wish I was as knowledgeable as them and yes I used the word knowledgeable to sound smarter don't judge. I practically like the character Alessa the bad ass girl with a super power to feel emotions and things around her. Her character draws me into the book as she fights to survive and save the society people from the fiction that is there lives. But of course there are people after her in the government that just have to make her life a living hell. Along with her is that boy she gets romantic with Issac. There is also another character that I sympathized for and enjoyed intently Regina the leader of the rebels who where against the government. Samantha Durante deserves to be even more well known amongst the other YA writers. If you like Legend and Across the Universe you'll devour this book! 
  Alessa's not as bad ass as Black Widow but shes still cool.

      Of course there are somethings I have to point out. Even though there not much maybe at the beginning of the story the author should have done a small recap of the past story for readers who happen to pick up the series in out of order. Other than that everything is great so far! From the lovable characters, to the thrilling suspense, and into the twisted world that is Paragon. So I do recommend this book to lovers of the dystopian genre and until next time keep reading and I'll keep reviewing. ;)

      Sincerer Crazy Book Loving Girl, Bailey. M. Harrop
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